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Types of Desks: 10 Desks for Efficient Work

Do you need to work from home? Or do you simply want to get a new desk? Whatever it is, knowing the types of desks helps you buy one wisely.

Every worker loves desks. Without it, you cannot arrange paperwork, use your computer comfortably, or eat that quick lunch.

With thousands of desks to choose from, how exactly do you choose the right one? To save you time, we did the research.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Desks

Before diving into the different types of desks, you must accurately know what desk you want. Here are some tips for choosing the right types of desks.

  • Determine what you’ll use the desk for.

    Are you going to put a computer on top of the desk? Are you going to use it solely for paperwork?

    Whatever use the desk has, make sure it’s clear. Knowing the desk’s purpose helps you filter out the others that don’t fit that purpose.

  • Choose a desk with the right height.

    Most desks are 70 to76 centimeters long. However, if your height doesn’t fit this range, it’s time to consider taller desks.

    In general, adjustable desks are extremely useful for tall people.

  • Leave room for your legs to wiggle.

    The right desk allows your legs to wiggle. You must be able to fully stretch your legs under the desk.

    Furthermore, the space under the desk must be wide enough. This is to avoid hitting your legs on the side.

  • Consider the materials the desk is made of.

    Desks are usually made of pure wood, alloy, and composite materials. The right materials depend on your preference.

    Aside from the materials, you must consider the coating of the desk.

  • Make sure the desk matches your chair.

    While office chairs are usually adjustable, there are ones that aren’t. you must look out for these chairs.

    Thus, it’s a must to double-check if your chair matches the desk you’re eyeing.

10 Types of Desks: Functions and Designs

Here are the most common types of desks in the market. All of them aim to help you work efficiently.

  1. Writing Desk

    Despite being a simple desk, writing desks usually get the work done. They provide a bare surface for writing, drawing, or painting. Writing desks can also hold laptops.

    Although most of them don’t have big storage, many writing desks include shelves or drawers under the main surface.

    Writings desks usually have thin legs. It’s because they are not meant to support much storage. However, this design makes them a common choice among minimalists.

  2. Computer Desk

    As its name suggests, this desk is made for computers. Most computer desks include lots of storage.

    In general, computer desks have drawers under the main surface and shelves on top. They give a lot of room for your computer accessories and documents.

    Furthermore, many computer desks include retractable keyboard storage just under the main surface.

    Computer desks are sturdy as well. It’s because they’re expected to hold a lot of weight.

  3. L-Shaped Desk

    L-shaped desks are also known as corner desks. They are among the most space-efficient types of desks.

    It’s because they perfectly fit into corners. They provide more space for your books, laptop, and files. All of these without cluttering your space.

    Corner desks also allow you to save time. For instance, you can use one side for computer work and the other for arranging paperwork. Doing this allows you to work on two tasks without tidying your whole desk.

  4. Executive Desk

    Executive desks are among the largest types of desks in the market. This makes them ideal for large offices. However, if you have enough space at home, go for it.

    An executive desk usually includes two pedestals with drawers. Due to this, this desk packs great storage for paperwork and office supplies.

    Hence, this kind of desk is ideal for those who have lots of things to store and space to spare.

  5. Floating Desk

    Next on our list of types of desks works like a ghost (pun intended). As its name suggests, this desk is floating.

    Floating desks have been popular for the past few years. This trend can be credited to homeowners who want to save space.

    After all, a floating desk takes a small fraction of floor space. This is an easy way to add a working area without sacrificing space.

  6. Standing Desk

    Many types of desks have come and gone. However, standing desks are not going away anytime soon.

    This revolutionary desk is designed to encourage people to stand while working.

    Disclaimer: We are not saying that you should stand all the time.

    What we’re saying is you should stand from time to time. This is a must if you want to avoid the health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

  7. Roll-Top Desk

    Want to protect your belongings from dust or other particles? Don’t want to display the things on top of your desk? A roll-top desk is your best choice.

    Roll-top desks are designed to do such a thing. They have a flexible retractable cover. Think of them as dome plate covers, but for desks.

    In addition, roll-top desks come with drawers and shelves.

  8. Armoire Desk

    Like roll-top desks, armoire desks are also designed to protect your things. The main difference is armoire desks have doors.

    You heard it right, armoire desks look like cabinets. They come with storage and shelves as well.

    Due to their many features, armoire desks are among the heaviest types of desks.

  9. Credenza Desk

    As its name implies, a credenza desk is a combination of a cupboard and desk. Despite being around for more than a hundred years, the credenza desk remains popular.

    Its elegant and classic look makes it a common choice for traditional homeowners. the credenza desk also serves a decorative purpose.

  10. Wave Desk

    Last but not the least is the wave desk. With a curved front edge, the wave desk is ideal for those who want to closely look at their computers.

    It’s also fit for people with long legs. It’s because the curved shape gives them extra legroom.

Desks are meant to help you work more efficiently, not hinder your progress. Thus, choosing the right desk type is crucial. Cheers to more productivity!

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