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Types of Chairs: 10 Chairs That Can Change Your Life

January  2021

types of chairs

Chairs are among the most essential pieces of furniture. We lounge, work, and watch our favorite movies on them. Here are the types of chairs you must know about.

 But before we go into more details about the types of chairs, you must know how to identify the types of chairs you need.

How to Choose the Right Chair

Whether it’s for work or relaxing by the pool, you must carefully choose your chairs. You might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a chair, only to find out that it hurts.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right types of chairs for your house and office.

● The right chair is ergonomic.

When you look up the word ergonomic in the dictionary, you’ll read this.

“Relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.”

Thus, the right types of chairs are ergonomic. They have to help you work efficiently. They also have to be extremely comfortable.

Hence, you must not skip on the ergonomics if you want great value for your money.

● The right chair doesn’t endanger your health.

Not all chairs are created equal. Some help maintain or improve your posture. Others want to ruin your back.

In particular, the right chair provides enough back support. It also has enough padding so your back and bum don’t get strained over time.

In short, you should be able to sit on that chair for many hours without feeling too much pain.

● The right chair is sturdy.

The right types of chairs must be sturdy. It’s because they let you save money in the long run.

While there are many affordable chairs out there, you must stick to ones that can last for many years.

Remember, buying a 50-dollar chair that lasts for a few months is like putting money down the drain.

10 Types of Chairs: The Complete Guide

From executive to desk chairs, here are the types of chairs that you must know.

1. Executive Chair

As its name suggests, executive chairs were designed for executive officers. However, as time passed by, they were used by regular workers as well.

An executive chair is usually covered with grain or genuine leather. It features thick padding, adjustable seat height, and an armrest. Additionally, it provides great back support.

 In general, tall people greatly benefit from executive chairs.

2. Armchair

Next on the list of types of chairs is a classic.

Armchairs are spacious, luxurious, and typically covered with fabric or leather. They have side panels on which you can rest your arms. Hence, the name armchair.

Moreover, armchairs are usually padded for optimal comfort. They are versatile as well. They can be used in the living room, dining room, and bedroom.

3. Office Chair

As its name suggests, this kind of chair is used in the office. An office chair either has a mesh or fully covered back.

On top of that, many office chairs have adjustable seat heights and tilt locks. They also have wheels. These wheels allow workers to easily glide from one desk to another.

Lastly, office chairs are more lightweight than most types of chairs.

4. Accent Chair

Accent chairs have been popular for a few years. It’s because interior design principles recently became mainstream. Thus, accent chairs are a staple for many interior designers.

Simply put, accent chairs (aka side chairs) are single-seat chairs. They mainly provide attention-grabbing points for an area. They also serve as additional seating.

Accent chairs come in thousands of colors, sizes, and styles.

5. Reclining Chair

A reclining chair tilts its back and raises its front. This kind of chair is usually loved by those with back pain.

The reclining back allows your spine to relax. Meanwhile, the rising front relaxes your legs.

A reclining chair also has an armrest, making it an all-in-one solution for tired users with back pain. Once you chill on an armchair, you’ll quickly fall asleep.

6. Rocking Chair

Ah, the good old rocking chair. Interestingly, rocking chairs are the ancestors of reclining chairs.

Rocking chairs are mainly used to relax. It also helps people fall asleep. It’s because of the gentle rocking motion it provides.

A classic rocking chair has a curved seat, straight back, and rocker feet. It’s usually made of wood.

However, as time passed by, many variations popped up. Nowadays, you can see rocking chairs made of other materials.

7. Ladderback Chair

Ladderback chairs (aka slat back chairs ) are another classic. Dating back to the Middle Ages, ladderback chairs have been around for long.

They have backs made of horizontal slats. They have less carbon footprint (less materials required) as well. That’s why eco-friendly people love them.

In addition, ladderback chairs give off a simple, rustic vibe, making them ideal for minimalists.

8. Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are niche chairs. Though expensive, gaming chairs have features that other types of chairs don’t.

For starters, gamers can use these chairs for more than 12 hours a day. Without much pain, of course.

They are also the most adjustable kind of chair. You can adjust a gaming chair’s back, height, tilt, armrest, and headrest. Some of them even come with a foldable leg rest.

9. Chaise Lounge Chair

Usually used as outdoor furniture, a chaise lounge chair is narrow and long. They are designed that way so you can rest your legs without an ottoman.

A chaise lounge chair’s back is partially reclined. While the recline is not adjustable, the chair’s shape provides enough comfort.

Due to its beautiful shape, a chaise lounge chair can be used for its design and function.

10. Baroque High-Back Chair

As its name suggests, this kind of chair has a high back. While often confused with executive chairs, high-back chairs are a little different.

 For starters, baroque high-back chairs have different designs. They are often covered with velvet and have quilted backs.

Moreover, baroque high-back chairs usually have taller backs that go beyond the user’s head.

Now that you’re aware of the different kidneys of chairs, which one do you think is the best?


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