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Tips for Boosting Your Business's Online Success in the Wake of the Pandemic

by: Amy Collett of
January 24, 2021

Closures and restrictions due to COVID-19 forced many small business owners to expand their operations into the online space. If you're an entrepreneur who seized this opportunity to take your business digital, whether partially or fully, it's a good idea to maintain this momentum. According to the ESEI International Business School, the internet will be the key to business survival in the years to come. 

This guide from Barnhill Desks explains how small business owners can expand and maintain their online presence to increase profits throughout the pandemic and in the future.

Find ways to streamline everyday tasks and create more time for your online efforts.

Maintaining a business in the digital world requires just as much effort as maintaining a brick-and-mortar business. As you refocus on online growth, make sure you have sufficient time to devote to the task. Outsourcing mundane duties like appointment scheduling and bookkeeping can free up your schedule.

Reassess your website and redesign it if needed.

Your small business’s website is a digital calling card. It serves as a quick introduction to your products and services, providing potential customers with essential information. Verisign explains that a great website can help you find customers, build credibility, and generally stand out in the crowded online space.

Take the time to sit down and do a thorough audit of your website. Is it user-friendly, clear, and engaging? Does it have all the essential details a potential customer needs to know, such as pricing models, shipping details, and payment options? DepositPhotos provides a checklist of what makes for a great website, from great images to functionality. You can use this to go through your platform and see where changes may be needed.

Ramp up your digital marketing efforts.

Raising your profile online will expand your reach, allowing you to target new customers. This is critical to growing your business and boosting sales and overall profits. Online marketing is a great way to get there. The fantastic news is that digital marketing methods tend to be cost-efficient, fast, and easy to implement.

John Lincoln Marketing provides budget-friendly suggestions specifically for small businesses that want to ramp up their online marketing efforts. Examples include content marketing, blogging, video marketing, and social media. Across all of your marketing efforts online, prioritize authenticity and personality. This will help to highlight your uniqueness as a small business. 

Look for creative ways to continue to expand your business into the online space.

The Conversation explains that the businesses that got creative during the pandemic were those that managed to thrive. Maintain this innovation-focused mindset going forward and continue to look for creative ways to expand your online success. If you're struggling to come up with ideas on your own, you might hire an external expert like a small business mentor to help you strategize.

Another outside-the-box strategy is to go back to school. Earning an MBA will open doors by providing you with invaluable knowledge and experience in the field, and the best part is that the flexibility of online programs means that you can level-up your education without having to take time away from work – or your family. And having a home office will make it even easier!

As Physics World explains, many businesses were forced to change in order to survive the pandemic. However, such evolution doesn't have to be negative. The choice to expand into the online space is one compelling example. Even as the pandemic subsides, scaling up your business' online success is a savvy move. The above tips can help.

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