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Take Advantage of Your Empty Nest With Affordable DIY Home Improvement Projects

By Barnhill Desks

January 28, 2022 



When children leave for college or to get a place of their own, parents often have mixed feelings. Both pride and a sense of melancholy come with the change—but there can be excitement, too. Thinking about all the extra space you’ll have is one highlight. It’s also a great way to improve the value of your home. 

Here’s how to take advantage of an empty nest with some budget-friendly home improvement upgrades.


Budget Wisely

While there are many projects on the lean side, you still might be wondering how you’ll afford your improvements. Many homeowners opt to refinance their homes to swing upgrades, however if you’re considering a downsize in the not-too-distant future, that would be unwise. Refinancing is a solid strategy if you’re staying in a home long term, but if you plan to sell in the next couple of years, you may want to consider waiting until your next purchase before taking out another loan. 


Consider a Room Conversion

Odds are your offspring’s bedroom is now mostly empty. And while keeping the room clear for guest accommodations is one way to use the space, think about the other possibilities.

You could convert your child’s room into a study or reading nook. Adding comfortable seating and repainting the walls to a calm, relaxing color can create a welcoming space. Affordable features like essential oil diffusers, dimmable lights, and Feng Shui strategies are also affordable and conducive to creating a stress-free home environment, says the American Institute of Stress.

Another option is a hobby room, whether you’re passionate about crocheting, painting, collecting, or any other pursuit. Studies show that spending time on hobbies can provide physical, mental, and even social benefits. A dedicated space for your passion gives you the freedom to enjoy the activities you love and its health bonuses. Using a spare room also avoids cluttering up the rest of the house, which can make your home feel less chaotic.

If you currently work from home, transform an extra bedroom into a home office that allows you to maximize your productivity. Bring in some new furniture like a standup desk, an ergonomic chair, and some new flooring as well. Don’t forget to look at upgrading your modem; this will ensure the best performance for your essential internet connection. Once you’re set up, organize your office by decluttering, throwing out things you no longer need, and investing in a cable organization system. 


Expand Your Master Suite

Whether knocking down walls is in the budget or not, now is the ideal time to renovate your master bedroom. Even if your home doesn’t have a dedicated master bathroom, you can lay claim to the hall bath and refresh it.

Even small changes—like updating the hardware on the cabinets or replacing lighting fixtures—can help your bathroom feel spa-like rather than teen-inhabited. Better Homes & Gardens recommends inexpensive updates like new paint, rain-style showerheads, a fun patterned shower curtain, or refinishing cabinet doors for an easy DIY bathroom upgrade.

If your bathroom adjoins the master bedroom, it’s even easier to create a cohesive and relaxing space. Invest in a few key pieces—like a chaise lounge, an ornate new mirror, or a decorative mineral piece—and make those the focal point of the space. Adding some greenery can also make the space feel spa-like, plus boost your mood.


Add a Home Gym

Studies have suggested that “empty nest syndrome” isn’t actually a “thing.” Instead, empty nests encourage parents to embrace their own interests and motivations. But the fact remains that children leaving home can often make empty nesters feel “old” and even unnecessary to a degree.

One way to remedy that feeling is by making healthy and budget-friendly changes to your daily routine. Addressing your health and wellness is a great way to direct any sad energy. You might even consider installing a home gym. You can find fitness equipment for cheap—or even free—at thrift stores or from neighbors and friends.

Even an empty room with cushioned mats on the floor can serve as a great workout space. Bodyweight exercises can be an effective—and free—way to burn calories and build muscle. Whatever equipment you choose, having a gym in the comfort of your home means there’s no need to pay for expensive memberships or classes.


Know Your Limits

While you’re remodeling, bear in mind that not all tasks are DIY-friendly. As The Spruce points out, if you’re installing a new toilet, new bathroom or doing a kitchen renovation, calling a professional is your best bet

When grown-up children leave home, it’s easy to get caught up in worries over their wellbeing and your future. But by refocusing on yourself—and the changes you can make to your home—you can find new passions and make your home truly your own again.

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