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How to Build the Perfect Home Office That Provides Value and Establishes Trust

By Barnhill Desks

October 10, 2021


Your home office is a place where you get down to business. But does that mean you deserve to work in a messy, unfriendly, or uninspiring space? Absolutely not! The office is where you hone your craft, build your brand and invite clients (virtually and in-person) to grow your business. You can do better than mismatched furniture and cluttered chaos.


At Barnhill Desks, we're all about staging and decorating your home office to signify brand authority and comfort. Let's dive right into it.


Your Space Needs to Reflect Your Brand


Your office is a unique opportunity to convey the values of your brand. Is your area just jumbled together for convenience, or does it reflect confidence and brand ethos?

Following are some practical tips our design team swears by:


  • Don't sacrifice form for function: Invest in your furniture for a cohesive and beautiful feel rather than cobbling it together. While desks and storage serve a practical function, they shouldn't give off a barebones, thoughtless approach to decor.
  • Choose the right accessories: If your brand deals with a high-profile client, Decorilla suggests adding luxury touches such as metallic accents, bold wallpaper, and mirrored surfaces. Some contemporary touches most entrepreneurs could benefit from are a cohesive color and material palette.
  • Natural elements are an effective fix: Ensure your space gets enough natural light and views to an outdoor space. Adding in pops of green with indoor plants is essential too. In fact, Slate reports that staying connected to the outdoors helps enliven a space and prime the brain for productivity.


Ensure Privacy


Constant interruptions, distractions, and noise are a complete no-no. Whether you're in the middle of a video call or entertaining future clients, you will need to ensure you have privacy from household goings-on.


Portable screens are an effective measure to create a boundary from nearby activities. Divider walls such as bookcases or minimal shelving are a great way to integrate storage into a functional element. If household sounds are getting to you, white noise or air filters will suitably muffle nearby noises.


In addition to protecting your space from interruptions, protect your business from litigation and risks by setting up a limited liability company. LLCs are easily set up by business owners personally or through the best company formation website that will allow you to minimize lawyers' fees. Check out the laws in your area, as the rules for LLC formation differ by state.


Layout and Organization


Ensure your space has a palette of postures. Every home office needs to be flexible and versatile so that you can adapt it for different uses. The best way to achieve that is to set up a shared workspace that allows for consultation with employees or clients. Ensure that your table is big enough to share documents, look at screens and work harmoniously.


In addition, build your desk setup off to the side for private meetings and consultations. Ensure you have multiple chairs so you can engage with a couple of people simultaneously. Lastly, you'll likely have many virtual meet-ups with clients. Set up the wall behind your desk as a gallery wall or shelving with exciting artifacts. An established place to take your video calls looks professional and will be invaluable in these times.


Don't forget that setting up your home office in a functional manner will increase its value and selling point in the future too! Take before and after pictures and keep track of improvements to have the upper hand in an appraisal.


Your home office can set you up for success while carving out a space that is uniquely yours. It should reflect your personality and brand while also conveying competency and reliability to your client. The perfect office will allow you to enhance your work and contribute effectively to your spirit and productivity.


Did this article inspire you to get started on the home office of your dreams? At Barnhill Desks, we have all the tables, chairs, storage, and accessories to boost your entrepreneurial experience! Shop our site here or reach out to us at 1(833)-221-5680 for more information.



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