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Getting a Business Off the Ground While Moving

by: Erin Reynolds
October 18, 2021

If you're planning to buy a new house with the thought of starting a new venture, you need to find the right property to suit both family and business needs. Ideally, the house should have at least a dedicated home office or other space to run your business.

Starting up a business while moving is a huge task, but if you're organized and have a list of what you want before you start, such as a gorgeous and functional desk and other office furniture from Barnhill Desk, it can make things easier.

Finding the Right Property

The first thing to decide upon is location. Many prospective buyers who are starting a business have a specific neighborhood in mind; however, you should always think about the commute if you need to meet with clients regularly.

Once you've decided on the location, you should set your budget. Don't look at properties you can't afford, since once you find your dream property, it may be hard to fall out of love with it, even if it's entirely out of your budget. Then, make sure there's enough space to start your business. If there are no extra rooms, ensure there's space in the garage or elsewhere to add a small office area.

Moving Expenses 

The most expensive part of moving is the cost of buying a new home. There are, however, some ways to save money on your move and still acquire a home that suits your needs. One way is to consider purchasing a home with lower property taxes and a larger amount of space, so you can add a separate entrance for your business.

Starting Your Business

If you want to start a home-based business, pick one you're passionate about. Making money from home requires commitment, patience, and an understanding of the challenges involved. It's not a quick process or a sure thing.

Upskilling Yourself

If you need to brush up on your skillset, now's the time to do it. Look for classes at the local college in your area, or search online for courses you can take. Brushing up on business skills such as accounting can help you successfully operate your new venture. Additionally, keeping your skill set sharp increases your value to the company.

Running Your Business From Home

A business doesn't need to be located in a large office building or storefront to be successful. With the use of technology, many businesses can operate from anywhere. Businesses involving freelance writing, graphic design, and computer programming, among others, can all be run from a home office.

Staying Motivated

Entrepreneurs and business people of all levels find sustaining the drive to keep going a challenge, but the start-up phase can be the time that drive and motivation pose the biggest obstacles. There are moments when self-discipline is needed more than motivation as a new business owner.

Proper Planning for Growth

Moving to a new home and starting a business can be managed successfully with proper planning. Make sure you have a comfortable space to work in, and if you have the time, look at improving your skillset while starting your new business. Ready to put together your dream home office? Shop Barnhill Desks today.

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