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4 Steps to Making Your Home Stand Out on the Market

by: Erin Reynolds of diymama.net
December 10, 2021

Making a stellar first impression on prospective buyers is critical when it comes to selling your  home. Not only can it lead to a quicker sale, but it also increases your chances of selling at a  satisfying price. After all, your home is probably not the only one on the market in your area. If  you want to make your home stand out and better your chances for a good sale, first connect  

with an expert agent. Next, consider the following four tips and the additional resources below,  presented by Barnhill Desks

  1. Clear the Clutter 

Prepping your home for sale starts with clearing space to make your home feel more  welcoming. It might take a weekend or two, but weeding out what to store and what you can get  rid of paves the way for an easier move.  

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  1. Clean Each Space 

Once you clear the clutter, it’s time to clean your home from top to bottom, and don’t forget the  nooks and crannies. The goal should be to have a spotless house for a great first impression. 

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  1. Make Practical Improvements 

Now is also the time to tend to any maintenance or upgrades you’ve been putting off. This  includes the exterior. These fixes can go a long way toward making your home stand out. 

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  1. Stage and Depersonalize the Home 

Finally, to up the wow factor, you should depersonalize and stage your home. Remember, you  want buyers to envision living in your house. During this time, you may want to consider renting  a temporary apartment to keep your home looking spectacular. 

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A little planning and hard work can go a long way when you’re trying to sell your home.  Remember to get rid of clutter and deep clean every space in the home. Also, make affordable yet-valuable home improvements, and stage and depersonalize the home so that prospective  buyers can envision themselves living there. Implementing these tips will help to boost your  home’s overall appeal, thereby drawing some much-wanted attention on the market.

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